Dress up with your Houndstooth Dress

houndstooth dress

First of all, you have to forgive me because the next lines will be about me gushing about the houndstooth dress. I just love this dress. It’s like bringing me back to the sixties where you would see this dress on women, wearing their big Jackie O glasses with their hair on a bun or the fly away ’do. Yes, I think this might be what a high society housewife would look like – a total Stepford wife. Check it out here.

However, this dress is exquisite. The houndstooth pattern is very different – it’s elegant and classically designed.

I guess the challenge is how to make this dress wearable for women today – or maybe not. Recently, Salvatorre Ferragamo has already made a twist of the dress. Worn by both Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian, this houndstooth dress was given a new look by going for a lower neckline and a little bit of a slit in the front.

houndstooth dress

Both women had their own take on how they styled the dress. Lady Gaga, I think went gaga over houndstooth that she dressed up and accessorized with the pattern (good thing she did not paint herself with this patter on else the dress would have gone to waste). Kim, on the other hand, decided to be more seductive with her look by showing off a bit of her cleavage and accessorized with one of the main colors of the dress- in black.

If you ask me who wore it better, I will give my nod to Ms. Kardashian because she has somewhat maintained the elegance of the dress and did not make it look like a nuisance (which is what Lady Gaga kind of did). Perez Hilton actually did a web poll with regards to these two ladies.

Still, if you ask me, I prefer the classic kind. I decided to search for the classic cut and found a dress that is close to the design and cut, in Resultly. The Le Chateau fitted dress spells elegance.

houndstooth dress

I can wear this dress for our upcoming annual dinner party. Since the dress is already printed, I can just be minimal with my jewelry. Probably stud diamond earrings and a silver bangle should be enough. However rather than pairing it with a black purse, I think I can inject a pop of color – like maybe a yellow or hot pink purse.

For my hair… errr… looks like I do not have a hairstyle as of yet. I know it is still a few days away but we will be meeting the owner of the company and being an employee, you always want to make a good impression right? I better run into the salon and ask my stylist to brainstorm with me. See yah!

Senior Prom in my Lace Heels

My absolute favorite part about my senior year prom wasn’t looking for my dress, but it was looking for my shoes, more specifically my lace heels. Not to say trying to find the perfect dress wasn’t fun but I would definitely consider myself to be a bit of a shoeaholic. So it only makes sense that shopping for those perfect shoes to go with the perfect dress was my favorite part.

lace heels

With less than a month to go until the big night my friends and me all went shopping for our shoes. My dress was a long black with silver cutouts on the side. I loved the sides because it had this beautiful silver beading, so I knew I wanted to go with either black or silver shoes. My best friend, Aubrey found these here. They’re these silver pumps that had this delicate fabric lining, so cute! They would look perfect with Aubrey’s dress which was this dark purple dress with elegant silver beading running down the sides. My other friend, Melissa bought these adorable GUESS heels from Nordstrom. Melissa’s dress was this cream, off-white color. I knew I wanted something similar to what they found but I ended up not finding anything at all. This was certainly rare for me considering every time I go into a store I usually end up buying shoes or a random shirt.

That same night I went home and just started to browse online to see if there was anything I liked. The thing is online shopping is a challenge when you can’t actually try the on the shoe. After what seemed like an eternity I found the perfect shoes to go with the perfect dress on Resultly. There they were just waiting for me to buy them. As soon as I saw them it was like a symphony started to play in the background. With one click I bought my shoes for prom. I couldn’t wait for them to get to my house so I could try them on with my dress and accessories. Within a week they were on my doorstep and once I had everything on I knew I made the right choice. The shoes were a little big but after a little practice walking in them I was ready!

lace heels

On the Trail of Lady Gaga’s Style

“…I was born this way, born this way…” Of course everyone can relate to this song. Even if they cannot relate I am sure, one hundred percent sure that you knew this song or heard this song. This is one of the most famous songs of Lady Gaga titled “Born this way”.

Well, Lady Gaga, did really stick to her song that she is born “Gaga” that way, “Gaga” in some countries means crazy, out of her mind or sometimes high. Obviously her fashion styles on events, awards night, night out, street wears and daywear has been constant on keeping us think “what will she do next “what entrance will she do now?” or “what will be her outfit inspiration now?” Most will call her strange, weird, out of her mind and over exaggerated. But some would call her creative in her own way to give excitement to us. This recent look gotta be my favorite:

lady gaga

Her street wear, day wear and nightwear are always edgy, rocker chick, always with structures, spikes, stones.

You can copy them by finding simple clothes but with the added accent of studs, spikes and stones. You can also choose colours such as black, gold, dark reds, dark violets, everything in the darker tones for the rocker effect. Of course the best materials would be of leather or stiff fabrics that can give structure to your silhouettes.

Here are some of my suggestions to dress like Lady Gaga, but not dressing it over the top. Of course we are not all like Lady Gaga that is fond of attentions and are used to all kinds of attention. If you are not fond of getting attentions from wearing weird clothing take a look at these Gaga inspired outfits.

I really dig these studded shorts from http://www.result.ly/Search/studded%20shorts. This pair of cutoff studded shorts from Decree is to die for:

studded shorts

They are fashionably wearable everywhere you go. You can play it with different tops, bags or accessories to make you look edgy, sophisticated or rock chick. They’re really affordable too. Bonus!

Pairing them with a studded leather jacket with an inside garment (t-shirt or tank top or tube or hanging top, anything you like that you feel that will help with your look) will give you an edgier look. Accessorizing with a necklace, sunglasses and hat will give you a bohemian look.

For more Rock chick fashion inspirations and other fashion inspirations, you can check Pinterest.

Me, Myself, and My Sequin Pants

Every since I entered this wonderful working world that everyone can’t wait to graduate college and join, I’ve become very tired. My days are long and my nights are short. I’m the first out the door at the last one home at my house. It’s become such a burden in my life that going out has become a thing of the past. I’ve quickly gone from one of those girls that can last all night to yawning by 11 p.m. So, last night, Friday, I got off work and met with a guy for drinks. He’s just a guy that a coworker introduced me to and it’s still questionable whether or not I will make anything come of this. So we had a few drinks at the bar and did some talking. It was a nice night and a little breather after a long work week. I checked the time when I stepped away to go to the bathroom and it was nearing my train time. I told him I had to get going, and so I did. Upon arriving to my car back in the suburbs I was pretty dead set on getting Chipotle for dinner, which I also did. So I get home with my Chipotle, throw on my REAL comfy sequin pants, pop the feet up, and sit the heck back.

At this point it was about 8:30 p.m., pretty early still for a Friday, and I had a couple friends texting me about going out tonight. It was one of my friends birthdays that he planned to celebrate at a scene I wasn’t too fond of and another friend who didn’t get off  work till 11p.m…which is a ways away at this point. I knew in the back of my mind I was too content on my couch to consider getting ready and leaving, however I kept my contacts in to please myself that I wasn’t a total grandma on a friday. Once the contacts are out that’s it, there’s no way I’m leaving the house at this point, so I kept them in with the slight curiosity of hope that something awesome might pop out of the blue.

I’m half the burrito bowl in and the friend is still telling me to come to his bday and I still knew in my mind I wasn’t planning on going. Then I dropped some guac on my pants that I got from Resultly so I was pissed; then I proceeded to scoop it off with a chip. #GUILTY

Guess I’ll have to shop again.:) These Tart pants from Nordstrom Rack are super cute:

sequin pants

So needless to say, I spent my Friday night feeling very stuffed and and very satisfied. BTW, when I say stuffed, I mean stuffed. One burrito bowl that feels like it weighs 6 pounds was a great amount of food, feel free to check their nutrition facts here, if you never plan to indulge in it again.

So that’s how I spent my Friday night, hope yours was a little more eventful than mine.

My Friend And The Music Festival

My best friend is totally and completely my opposite, since she is very active in EVERYTHING, I mean everything! She likes trying new things like skydiving, snorkeling, trekking, diving, wake boarding, snow boarding and all the adventures. A very very adventurous woman she is! She would join drama clubs, theater’s guild, volleyball team, swimming team, run as a candidate in our college course’s society and etc. she is always present on the latest parties, latest events, and she would always know the latest restaurants, latest shopping malls, latest concerts, latest gossips, latest happenings, latest “new” or “in” thing. She acts like a walking social media! Honestly! While I am a homebody person, a couch potato to be exact, just think of the total opposite of what I just described about her. I like watching my TV in my bed or couch and eat my favorite food!

She is my only connection to the real world, well, okay, I am over exaggerating, I do connect with the real world but not the way she connects! It is like her energy powers are always on full blasts! I even wonder damn what are the foods my best friend is consuming is it all sugar? That makes her so hyper?

She recently attended a music festival and is bragging about the festival all day! She even insisted me to go to the next one! Since I am the first one that she called on her cell phone she told me all of her experiences. Here are to share a few (actually there are many but here are the ones I clearly remembered well) First, she enjoyed looking, fitting in and socializing with the crowd because people there are really music plus fashion lovers, she told me that she can confidently tell as she quoted “it takes one to know one.” Second, she loved how the outdoors’ ambience with nice music bouncing around your body gives people this chilly feeling from the excitement. So you really would feel the adrenaline rush and energy to sing out loud and jump with the crowd! She also enjoys taking a stroll and checking out cute little like bazaars compose of food and merchandises. What excites her too is the way in which the music’s are line up varied and very diverse. You discover unknown bands or soon to rise bands and you get to discover their new acts! Lastly, dressing up! She likes showing off her fashion style with fellow fashion and music lover like her. Here are some outfits you would see and you can take as an inspiration attending a music festival. The outfits with crochet vest especially caught my eye.

crochet vests

My friend found her outfits from her favorite site Resultly! Check them out for more choices!

How to Dress in a New Neighborhood

My parents planned to build a new house five years ago. They dreamed of being part of a neighborhood or place where it is safer, more clean, more fun, more active in gatherings and socializing. Of course I am not saying that our neighborhood is not safe, clean, fun or not very active. It is just that my parents are thinking that there may be many options for a greater choice of neighbourhood. And I also think that it is about time to have a new environment, new place to stay, I was sooo excited!!!

So my parents together with us started finding good neighborhoods, talking to sales agent, visiting showrooms and all. We began have ten options first, then to five options to three and until we are choosing two best options. I can feel the excitement of designing our new kitchen, our new family room, our new living room, and my own new room!

Here are my ideas for the living room, it should be near or facing the garden on the ground floor while the kitchen will be very modern and minimalist also on the ground floor.

While the bedrooms should each reflect our own personality, I chose this color of room. It’s very relaxing, simple and modern. It really suits my personality.


It is really heart warming to know that in our new neighborhood, people are really friendly and active on social gatherings. Every second Sunday of the month they have a small picnic like gathering to be hosted by different homeowners each and every month.

So next Sunday, it will be our first time that we are going to attend this kind gathering, so I am really not sure what is the perfect outfit to wear. Hm, picnic like gathering huh, what outfit should I wear, think think think. My outfit, I think if I am correct should be breezy fun, comfortable yet feminine. So I have these three outfits on my mind.

My first choice is this Forever 21 daisy dress I ran into on Resultly. It is very feminine, very fun and easy to wear. Plus the color is not very loud, perfect for a girl next-door kind of look.

daisy dress

My second choice is this paisley print dress from Zara, it is simple yet more sophisticated to look. The fabric is very light and soft to wear.

paisley dress

My last choice is this jumpsuit: http://www.zara.com/us/en/trf/jumpsuits/short-jumpsuit-c663017p2161018.html. It reminds me of myself when I was still a little girl. Jumpsuits are always one of my favorite outfits.

black jumpsuit

Won’t be easy to decide, but it’s heart warming to know that I can’t go wrong with any of these.