How to Dress in a New Neighborhood

My parents planned to build a new house five years ago. They dreamed of being part of a neighborhood or place where it is safer, more clean, more fun, more active in gatherings and socializing. Of course I am not saying that our neighborhood is not safe, clean, fun or not very active. It is just that my parents are thinking that there may be many options for a greater choice of neighbourhood. And I also think that it is about time to have a new environment, new place to stay, I was sooo excited!!!

So my parents together with us started finding good neighborhoods, talking to sales agent, visiting showrooms and all. We began have ten options first, then to five options to three and until we are choosing two best options. I can feel the excitement of designing our new kitchen, our new family room, our new living room, and my own new room!

Here are my ideas for the living room, it should be near or facing the garden on the ground floor while the kitchen will be very modern and minimalist also on the ground floor.

While the bedrooms should each reflect our own personality, I chose this color of room. It’s very relaxing, simple and modern. It really suits my personality.


It is really heart warming to know that in our new neighborhood, people are really friendly and active on social gatherings. Every second Sunday of the month they have a small picnic like gathering to be hosted by different homeowners each and every month.

So next Sunday, it will be our first time that we are going to attend this kind gathering, so I am really not sure what is the perfect outfit to wear. Hm, picnic like gathering huh, what outfit should I wear, think think think. My outfit, I think if I am correct should be breezy fun, comfortable yet feminine. So I have these three outfits on my mind.

My first choice is this Forever 21 daisy dress I ran into on Resultly. It is very feminine, very fun and easy to wear. Plus the color is not very loud, perfect for a girl next-door kind of look.

daisy dress

My second choice is this paisley print dress from Zara, it is simple yet more sophisticated to look. The fabric is very light and soft to wear.

paisley dress

My last choice is this jumpsuit: It reminds me of myself when I was still a little girl. Jumpsuits are always one of my favorite outfits.

black jumpsuit

Won’t be easy to decide, but it’s heart warming to know that I can’t go wrong with any of these.