Me, Myself, and My Sequin Pants

Every since I entered this wonderful working world that everyone can’t wait to graduate college and join, I’ve become very tired. My days are long and my nights are short. I’m the first out the door at the last one home at my house. It’s become such a burden in my life that going out has become a thing of the past. I’ve quickly gone from one of those girls that can last all night to yawning by 11 p.m. So, last night, Friday, I got off work and met with a guy for drinks. He’s just a guy that a coworker introduced me to and it’s still questionable whether or not I will make anything come of this. So we had a few drinks at the bar and did some talking. It was a nice night and a little breather after a long work week. I checked the time when I stepped away to go to the bathroom and it was nearing my train time. I told him I had to get going, and so I did. Upon arriving to my car back in the suburbs I was pretty dead set on getting Chipotle for dinner, which I also did. So I get home with my Chipotle, throw on my REAL comfy sequin pants, pop the feet up, and sit the heck back.

At this point it was about 8:30 p.m., pretty early still for a Friday, and I had a couple friends texting me about going out tonight. It was one of my friends birthdays that he planned to celebrate at a scene I wasn’t too fond of and another friend who didn’t get off  work till 11p.m…which is a ways away at this point. I knew in the back of my mind I was too content on my couch to consider getting ready and leaving, however I kept my contacts in to please myself that I wasn’t a total grandma on a friday. Once the contacts are out that’s it, there’s no way I’m leaving the house at this point, so I kept them in with the slight curiosity of hope that something awesome might pop out of the blue.

I’m half the burrito bowl in and the friend is still telling me to come to his bday and I still knew in my mind I wasn’t planning on going. Then I dropped some guac on my pants that I got from Resultly so I was pissed; then I proceeded to scoop it off with a chip. #GUILTY

Guess I’ll have to shop again.:) These Tart pants from Nordstrom Rack are super cute:

sequin pants

So needless to say, I spent my Friday night feeling very stuffed and and very satisfied. BTW, when I say stuffed, I mean stuffed. One burrito bowl that feels like it weighs 6 pounds was a great amount of food, feel free to check their nutrition facts here, if you never plan to indulge in it again.

So that’s how I spent my Friday night, hope yours was a little more eventful than mine.