My Friend And The Music Festival

My best friend is totally and completely my opposite, since she is very active in EVERYTHING, I mean everything! She likes trying new things like skydiving, snorkeling, trekking, diving, wake boarding, snow boarding and all the adventures. A very very adventurous woman she is! She would join drama clubs, theater’s guild, volleyball team, swimming team, run as a candidate in our college course’s society and etc. she is always present on the latest parties, latest events, and she would always know the latest restaurants, latest shopping malls, latest concerts, latest gossips, latest happenings, latest “new” or “in” thing. She acts like a walking social media! Honestly! While I am a homebody person, a couch potato to be exact, just think of the total opposite of what I just described about her. I like watching my TV in my bed or couch and eat my favorite food!

She is my only connection to the real world, well, okay, I am over exaggerating, I do connect with the real world but not the way she connects! It is like her energy powers are always on full blasts! I even wonder damn what are the foods my best friend is consuming is it all sugar? That makes her so hyper?

She recently attended a music festival and is bragging about the festival all day! She even insisted me to go to the next one! Since I am the first one that she called on her cell phone she told me all of her experiences. Here are to share a few (actually there are many but here are the ones I clearly remembered well) First, she enjoyed looking, fitting in and socializing with the crowd because people there are really music plus fashion lovers, she told me that she can confidently tell as she quoted “it takes one to know one.” Second, she loved how the outdoors’ ambience with nice music bouncing around your body gives people this chilly feeling from the excitement. So you really would feel the adrenaline rush and energy to sing out loud and jump with the crowd! She also enjoys taking a stroll and checking out cute little like bazaars compose of food and merchandises. What excites her too is the way in which the music’s are line up varied and very diverse. You discover unknown bands or soon to rise bands and you get to discover their new acts! Lastly, dressing up! She likes showing off her fashion style with fellow fashion and music lover like her. Here are some outfits you would see and you can take as an inspiration attending a music festival. The outfits with crochet vest especially caught my eye.

crochet vests

My friend found her outfits from her favorite site Resultly! Check them out for more choices!