On the Trail of Lady Gaga’s Style

“…I was born this way, born this way…” Of course everyone can relate to this song. Even if they cannot relate I am sure, one hundred percent sure that you knew this song or heard this song. This is one of the most famous songs of Lady Gaga titled “Born this way”.

Well, Lady Gaga, did really stick to her song that she is born “Gaga” that way, “Gaga” in some countries means crazy, out of her mind or sometimes high. Obviously her fashion styles on events, awards night, night out, street wears and daywear has been constant on keeping us think “what will she do next “what entrance will she do now?” or “what will be her outfit inspiration now?” Most will call her strange, weird, out of her mind and over exaggerated. But some would call her creative in her own way to give excitement to us. This recent look gotta be my favorite:

lady gaga

Her street wear, day wear and nightwear are always edgy, rocker chick, always with structures, spikes, stones.

You can copy them by finding simple clothes but with the added accent of studs, spikes and stones. You can also choose colours such as black, gold, dark reds, dark violets, everything in the darker tones for the rocker effect. Of course the best materials would be of leather or stiff fabrics that can give structure to your silhouettes.

Here are some of my suggestions to dress like Lady Gaga, but not dressing it over the top. Of course we are not all like Lady Gaga that is fond of attentions and are used to all kinds of attention. If you are not fond of getting attentions from wearing weird clothing take a look at these Gaga inspired outfits.

I really dig these studded shorts from http://www.result.ly/Search/studded%20shorts. This pair of cutoff studded shorts from Decree is to die for:

studded shorts

They are fashionably wearable everywhere you go. You can play it with different tops, bags or accessories to make you look edgy, sophisticated or rock chick. They’re really affordable too. Bonus!

Pairing them with a studded leather jacket with an inside garment (t-shirt or tank top or tube or hanging top, anything you like that you feel that will help with your look) will give you an edgier look. Accessorizing with a necklace, sunglasses and hat will give you a bohemian look.

For more Rock chick fashion inspirations and other fashion inspirations, you can check Pinterest.