Dress up with your Houndstooth Dress

houndstooth dress

First of all, you have to forgive me because the next lines will be about me gushing about the houndstooth dress. I just love this dress. It’s like bringing me back to the sixties where you would see this dress on women, wearing their big Jackie O glasses with their hair on a bun or the fly away ’do. Yes, I think this might be what a high society housewife would look like – a total Stepford wife. Check it out here.

However, this dress is exquisite. The houndstooth pattern is very different – it’s elegant and classically designed.

I guess the challenge is how to make this dress wearable for women today – or maybe not. Recently, Salvatorre Ferragamo has already made a twist of the dress. Worn by both Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian, this houndstooth dress was given a new look by going for a lower neckline and a little bit of a slit in the front.

houndstooth dress

Both women had their own take on how they styled the dress. Lady Gaga, I think went gaga over houndstooth that she dressed up and accessorized with the pattern (good thing she did not paint herself with this patter on else the dress would have gone to waste). Kim, on the other hand, decided to be more seductive with her look by showing off a bit of her cleavage and accessorized with one of the main colors of the dress- in black.

If you ask me who wore it better, I will give my nod to Ms. Kardashian because she has somewhat maintained the elegance of the dress and did not make it look like a nuisance (which is what Lady Gaga kind of did). Perez Hilton actually did a web poll with regards to these two ladies.

Still, if you ask me, I prefer the classic kind. I decided to search for the classic cut and found a dress that is close to the design and cut, in Resultly. The Le Chateau fitted dress spells elegance.

houndstooth dress

I can wear this dress for our upcoming annual dinner party. Since the dress is already printed, I can just be minimal with my jewelry. Probably stud diamond earrings and a silver bangle should be enough. However rather than pairing it with a black purse, I think I can inject a pop of color – like maybe a yellow or hot pink purse.

For my hair… errr… looks like I do not have a hairstyle as of yet. I know it is still a few days away but we will be meeting the owner of the company and being an employee, you always want to make a good impression right? I better run into the salon and ask my stylist to brainstorm with me. See yah!